Wednesday, January 23, 2008


What the fuck does this mean:

Who isn't committed to life?

Dead people. That's who.

The Pope hates dead people.

And given that about 90% of the world's population over all time is now dead, that's a pretty big group of people to be hating.

And he doesn't just confine his hating to dead people either:

In his address upon receiving the "Mysterium Vitae" Grand Prix Award, Australian Cardinal Pell said: "Pope Benedict XVI, in his message for the 2008 World Day of Peace reminds us that the earth is the home of the human family, entrusted to men and women to be protected and cultivated with responsible freedom for today and tomorrow. He also points out, however, that respecting the environment does not mean considering material or animal nature more important than the human person."
So we can add to this list, Aliens and animals.

And in light of this image:

I dunno if you wanna go round hating on Aliens. They're out there. And they're coming.

And if the Pope hates dead people then the Pope hates this dude:
And that's just fucking awkward.