Thursday, October 25, 2007

Benny on teaching

Parishioners who model Christ are most effective teachers is the headline of the article from the Catholic News and in it Benny cries out for more people to "be like Jesus". As these people make the best teachers.

Consider this:

How easy is it to write on the blackboard when your hands are nailed to a piece of wood? Clearly Benny hasn't thought this one through.
"Whoever teaches the faith cannot risk appearing like a sort of clown who just performs a role for one's job," said Benny in the same weekly address on October 24. But here's something else to consider:

Quite humorous actually isn't he? Studies have suggested that humour is a good way to teach people. What's more likely to make you laugh?


Or this: ?

I say hilarious undersized car every time.
In other Benny related shenanigans, the Daily Telegraph writes that Benny has said that Religion should not be used for hate. Strong words Benny, strong words.
"In a world wounded by conflicts, where violence is committed in God's name, it is important to repeat that religion should not be a vehicle of hatred," said the pope to an audience of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and Zoroastrians.

"Bad religion is a very powerful tool for bad people to use against each other, because it carries with it some of that absolutism that is rooted in a rather insecure kind of faith."

What's interesting here, is how one uses Bad Religion as a tool against each other. Formed in 1980, Bad Religion are considered one of the foremost punk bands of our generation.

Benny was in Naples making this speech, in an area racked with racketeering. Where the Camorra run the show and violence is a way of life. However they are not all bad. Citizens of Napoli had commemorated the passing of Pope John Paul II by spray painting "DEATH TO THE POPE" shortly before Benny's arrival.